Play Russian "Ghoulette" this Halloween

This halloween, we’re celebrating with a little game of Russian “Ghoulette” – yes, that’s right – roulette with a ghoulish theme!

We’ve got our hands on some Ghost Chilli sauce from South Devon Chilli farm. At more than 1 million scovilles, the ghost chilli is in the top 10 hottest chillies in the world – making this a pretty hot sauce!

Next time you pop into Stone Willy’s Kitchen or Pizza* just ask for your pizza with Ghost chilli and we’ll add this super-hot sauce to several pieces of your pizza – the problem is, you won’t know which.

If you’re one for a spicy pizza then this is a great way of sneaking in some extra hot pieces – we’d recommend ordering the flamethrower. Or, if you’re sharing with friends then it’s the perfect chance to watch someone’s expression change as they realise they have that super-hot piece, whichever pizza you order!

Either way, have some fun this Halloween, let’s play Russian Ghoulette!

Good luck…

*Offer not available in some locations.